Friday, March 25, 2011

What A HEctiC SemesTEr..=)

 Alhamdulillah, everythings done.. whats left is the FYP presentation next Tuesday  and Final Exams..

Its been like two days i didn't sleep to finished all of these projects.. well thats my fault for being such a procrastinating person (Mengaku pun).. hahaha..  Seriously now i feel half of  the burden is GoNE!! i juz wanna have a very good and nice sleep today..=)) but still i did not sleep yet now, i'm still in front of my laptop writing this blogs..(td smangat kata nak tido tros bler smp blek.. HAmpeH!! hahahaha..) well after i've done with this i'll go to sleep..

i thought that last semester was the most hectic semester ever.. but it seem like this semester is worst plus i went to CHina during the projects period, it making my semester bcome TRIPPLE DOUBLE HECTIC SEMESTER EVER!!.. there is a time i feel like to go MAD or Insane.. but Alhamdulillah i get tru it.. with the motivations from all the peoples around me like families, friends, lecturers and etc...

I sincerely from the bottom of my heart wanna say Thank you so much to my teammates and classmates for the advices, critics and motivations throughout the semester 2 2010/2011.. and i'm so sorry for not being able to help much bcuz last week i hve to go to China..  Anyway u guys really did a great jobs. such. I LOVE U ALL!!

And to my FYP partner Ain Zainal.. thank you so much for being such a great partner..=)) I'm glad to have you as my project partner.. hopefully our presentation will run smooth next week..hehehe and also to FYP2 too. nxt semester..=)

Being a 4th or final year engineering degree student is so hard,  lots of projects need to be done, presentation, reports, assignment and etc.. everythings  hve to make it done before graduation or else  gonna have to extend semester.. Its so Damn Tiring!!.. at the end of the semester you already become a living dead aka ZOMBIE!!

I wonder hows working life going to be.. it could be worst than this or myb this could be better.. WHo knows??  Oh well This is Life u got to live for it or u'll not survive.. InsyaAllah, there is always a way.. and Allah will show it to us..=)) Fighting to Me and All of You!! KEEP UP!! GAMBATE!!CHAIYOK!!HWAITING!!

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