Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Studio Photoshoot

in order for me to complete my photography skills class, i've need to do the studio photography.. Thus, with my classmate Farah and Mun and also their friends we went to our instructor studio in Taman Ukay Perdana to complete our task..

Doing a studio photoshoot, indeed a good experience and fun.. All thanks to farah, mun, ejun, and wani and also not forget our instructor bro. ashraf..
me and mun as the photographer tgh dalam discussion ngn model ejun

the model wani and farah the photographer..=)
 woo.. nampak pro gtu mun ..=))

below are the result of my photoshoot, okla for 1st timer..XDD

ejun as the model

ejun and wani


  1. perghhhh.... i really like da pic!
    well done!
    such a good job najj!!!

  2. hehehehe.. thank you izzah..XDD

  3. Ijun mecha kan? Comel gila dia nie.. hehe

  4. a'ah kak nono.. ejun mecha.. kan2 bkn comel jer.. lawa kot dier.. heheh..=)