Thursday, March 3, 2011

MUROC 2011

On 25th til 27th February, 2011, three team have been sent to represent UIAM to Malaysian University Robot Competition (MUROC) at UniMap, Perlis. The Three team consist of 2 Rope Climbing Robot Team and 1 Fire Fighting Robot team. I was in the Fire Fighting Robot team together with Ain Saaidon, Farah, Ean and Kawthar. Seriously from the bottom of my heart being there with all my teammates and Unimates it was full of great memories.. i still can feel the excitement..=)

Anyway, we (me and my teammates) like to say thank you to laoshi (Bro. Mail) for helping us throughout the preparation for the MUROC. Terima kasih byk2 yer laoshi cuz sangup bercengkang mata every night for our sake..=) we  really appreciate it.. 
p/s: Ooops!! laoshi sorry gambar laoshi x der la nak include dlm blog nih.. SORRY!! tp i will promote ur company kat cni ek..=)

To all the teammates from Rope Climbing Group Tiya and Zaidi thank you for helping us jugak..=)
To the supporters Ain Z., Ain A., Paan, Enginius and Juniors Thank you la cuz sacrifice ur weekend to be with us to support us.. ^________^
To the Photographer juga which are Ain Saaidon, Asma, Zati, Adib and myself terima kasih sbb tolong amek gambar cantik2 throughout the competition. 

Sepanjang Competition ni, all of us have gain lots of knowledge by exchanging info about others uni robots. we also get a chance to make new friends from others uni.. Man!! It was such an exciting experience.. rasa cm nak g lagi jer..=) 
anyway, anyone who needs some stuff for fyp projects such as PIC, Sensors and etc can go to our laoshi company website ummatech.

ok peeps thats all that i wanna say about MUROC 2011..
 Love.. Ciao!!.^^


  1. serious best kn najj? hehe..n thanks to you guys..and infinite thanks to bro Mail a.k.a Laoshi.. He helped us a lot.!! ;)