Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Return of The Strokes with Their New 4th Album Angles

The Strokes have return with their new album called Angles. The album just released last Tuesday 22nd March, 2011. Gladly saying I've listened to the album. Well, from my opinion overall the album is great but it is not the best work by The Strokes compare to the previous albums but it worth to buy and listened .  Julian's voice still Awesome, so do Albert and Valensi guitar.. So I can say still great album tho..=)

Angles consist of 10 tracks which are;
  1. Machu Picchu
  2. Under Cover of Darkness
  3. Two Kinds Of Happiness
  4. You're So Right
  5. Taken For A Fool
  6. Games
  7. Call me Back
  8. Grastifaction
  9. Metabolism
  10. Life is Simple in The Moonlight
My fave tracks from this album are Taken For A Fool, Games, Life Is Simple In The Moonlight and Two Kind of Happiness.

You can stream the full album online at TheStrokes website or

You can buy the album here at TheStrokesGlobalStores 

Full review about the album

Anyway.. enjoy listening.. ciao Love..=) 

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