Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Finally all the projects for this semester have been completed. At last, i can really feel relief and no more Over Stress feelings..XDD

This morning was my presentation for FYP. Alhamdulillah, with Allah will, the presentation went well. eventho there is a lil critics that we get from the examiners Dr. Mozasser and one new lecturer dunno whts her name..  but overall everythings good. hopefully we get a good marks.. heheheeee..=)

Thanks to our supervisor, Dr. Nahrul for being such a good supervisor and also to my project partner Ain Zainal thanx again for being such a great partner throughout the semester...

Wow seriously now i feel  its been like forever i didnt feel such a relief feelings.. like all the burden inside me have all GONE burned somewhere.. I've never thought that i can get through this.. like i said in my previous blog, there was a time where i feel like to go MAD and also feel like to gave up everythings.. but Alhamdulillah with the support from everyone around me i manage to get a grip.. and remind myself that everything have solutions and there are people who have more serious problem than me but they still survived.

For FYP2  hopefully my group can start early and improves our project, so that we can get the expected result that we want..

So Now lets fight the finals!!! with all the knowledge stored in our brain.. hopefully its gonna be a good fight..=))

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