Thursday, February 24, 2011

legs theme..=)

this time poladroid picture the theme is something to do with legs... hahahaha~~~ ^__________^

Monday, February 21, 2011

Radiohead - The King of Limbs

As most of us know Radiohead just released their new album The King of Limbs and also their first single from the album called Lotus Flower last Friday, Feb 18, 2011. I've already downloaded and listened to the whole album, well overall the album is great.. still the sound of Radiohead.. ahahhaa..XD In some of their songs that i heard, the sound is a lil mixed of 60's jazz and electro and as usual Radiohead sounds always experimental.. ^__^

The new album consist of 8 tracks which are:
1) Bloom
2) Morning MrMagpie
3) Little by litte
4) Feral
5) Lotus Flower
6) Codex
7) Give Up The Ghost
8) Seperate

Below u guys can watch the MV of Radiohead new song called Lotus Flower
p/s: i cant stop laughing watching ths MV cuz Thom York dance really2 funny and weird.. hahahahaaha..XXDD!! Enjoy the video..XD

Friday, February 18, 2011


Three of US, Me, Sya and Nadia... Love to lepak2 together, to do crazy things together, to be HOTStuff together and so on and so on and so on.. hahaahahaha~~ 
Anyway Sya n Nadia BIG LOVE for BOTH of YOU from ME ..XXDD!!

p/s:  this picture is credit to Sya.. (I really love this pic, mmg more about the Three of Us)
and also sorry to Sya and Nadia cuz lately x dapat nak hang out skali due to midterm, fyp and all this study stuff.. but i promised i will make up to it.. minggu 1 lagi i'll free myself.... =)..


Thursday, February 17, 2011

OreO MilKShaKe!!

Today, me and farah after our photography class, we immediately shoot to Taman Melati.. having dinner at Secret Recipe.. we were having this Spaghetti Meatballs and this DELICIOUS OreO MilkShaKe.. SEDAPPPPP GYleeeeeRR!! Oreo MilksHake tu.. if i'm not control myself i guess i'll ordered more.. hahaha but need to Control or else i'll be getting FAT!!.. u guys should try this Oreo MilKShake.. cuz the taste is perfect and its not too sweet.. we were really2 enjoy the drink.. Kalo Boleh Nak LAGIIIII!! hahaha..

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poladroid 2

hey, i've been bz with midterm lately.. now 3 paper done already juz one paper left.. cant wait to finish everythings.. cuz i've still have lots of other things to do such as my FYP.. haha...

ok anyway.. here r some poladroid picture that i manage to post..=)

the last pic the guitar was taken by my lil bro.. i'm only done the editing part..for the pic, =)
enjoy the photo.. ciao.. Love from me.. =)

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Strokes _ Under Cover Of Darkness

i've juz downloaded and listened to this new song from The Strokes called Under Cover Of Darkness.. what can i say, for me the song is AWESOME!! The Strokes you never disappoint me.. Serious I love the Song!!..=) 

anyway if u guys are The Strokes fan u guys can download their new single free at their official website, u can click here to go to the official website.

Enjoy listen to The Strokes.. ciao.. XXD!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hang Out + CupCake + Coffee

Having a great chit chat with sya while eating the delicious Wondermilk cupcake and a cup of coffee.. =)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hey people, you can call me naj, i'm new in this blogging thingy..  and i'm usually not into blogging cuz i dun understand whats the fun of it. n i'm so lazy to write..  but most my friends have it and the ask me to have one.. so i thought that maybe i should give a try.. maybe it will be fun.. huhu.. its not wrong to try aite..XD..

so basically i'm a student in my fourth year of study.. InsyaAllah will be graduating in early 2012.. hehe... =)
ok seriously i hve no  idea what to write in this blog.. i'm wondering how people can write so many things in a blog.. always wondering whats  the fun of it.. hmmmm..

anyway recently i join this poladroid projec,t my senior start it.. so i guess i will just post some of the poladroid picture in this blog.. so hope u guys have fun watching those picture.. n pls do comment about it..=).. i will also post some others photos that not related to poladroid since i love Photography.. so pls2 view it and comment kay.. here some poladroid photos that i've done.. XD

well  this is me.. =)

and this is my cute lil cat name bubby..hehehe..XD

my lil sis and younger lil bro playing with snake.. ewww.. thank God not me who holding the snake..fuhh!!

my 2nd lil bro.. showoff with this gun lighter.. HAHAHA~~

okay i think thats all for today will be posting more photo in the future.. ciao n have fun people.. Love..XD