Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Guitar Prodigy Sungha Jung

While I was browsing youtube a while ago. I stumble upon this video of this kid name Sungha Jung playing U2's song 'With or Without You' and the views of the video hit more than 10 millions views. So I was thinking is this kid damn good?? To answer the question that pop up in my head, I watch the video and it was SUPERB!! Impressive play by Sungha Jung.  His fingerstyle is damn smooth.. no wonder they called him Guitar Prodigy.

I visit his website and read his biography and this is what he wrote ;

“Hi, I’m Sungha Jung from South Korea. My dream is to become a professional acoustic fingerstyle guitarist.
I had been watching my dad play the guitar for awhile before I finally jumped on it myself two years ago. I just turned eleven in September, 2007.
Currently, I am taking weekly classical guitar lessons and teaching myself fingerstyle guitar.
I used to not have tabs for the music that I played in my videos. I just listen and pick them up directly from the sound source in videos available on the internet. However, recently, I have started playing with original tabs whenever they are available to me by courtesy of the authors.”

After I read those, I say tht He is a Guitar Genius. I respect this boy. In the future I bet he'll be one of the respected musician.

Watch his video below;

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