Friday, May 20, 2011


Its been like forever since i last wrote this blog.. well kindda busy the whole time with my internship.. yeah.. i'm already in my 3 months intership at Cyberjaya.. now its been like a month already..

So far, the internship is Ok. not so bad, juz that the works need to use a lot of ur brain and have to work in front of computer for long hours.... so kindda bored.. but sometimes the work do become somewhat interesting to me.. hahahhahaaa..  what did i do for my internship is basically is designing Intergrated Circuit.. specific to CMOS.. wanna know wht is CMOS.. pls google ya.. hehe..=D

oh well, enough with internship thingy.. since its weekend.. i wanna have a very2 nice weekend.. no talk bout work!! hahhahahaha..^___^ Have A nice Weekend evrYonE!!

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