Wednesday, February 9, 2011


hey people, you can call me naj, i'm new in this blogging thingy..  and i'm usually not into blogging cuz i dun understand whats the fun of it. n i'm so lazy to write..  but most my friends have it and the ask me to have one.. so i thought that maybe i should give a try.. maybe it will be fun.. huhu.. its not wrong to try aite..XD..

so basically i'm a student in my fourth year of study.. InsyaAllah will be graduating in early 2012.. hehe... =)
ok seriously i hve no  idea what to write in this blog.. i'm wondering how people can write so many things in a blog.. always wondering whats  the fun of it.. hmmmm..

anyway recently i join this poladroid projec,t my senior start it.. so i guess i will just post some of the poladroid picture in this blog.. so hope u guys have fun watching those picture.. n pls do comment about it..=).. i will also post some others photos that not related to poladroid since i love Photography.. so pls2 view it and comment kay.. here some poladroid photos that i've done.. XD

well  this is me.. =)

and this is my cute lil cat name bubby..hehehe..XD

my lil sis and younger lil bro playing with snake.. ewww.. thank God not me who holding the snake..fuhh!!

my 2nd lil bro.. showoff with this gun lighter.. HAHAHA~~

okay i think thats all for today will be posting more photo in the future.. ciao n have fun people.. Love..XD

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