Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thank you

Last Friday, 22nd July, 2011 was my birthday.. I juz celebrate it with my mom, bros and sis but  I do received lots of lovely wishes from families and friends.. Thank you so much for the wishes.. I really do appreciate it..XD!!

And to my Lovely Mom.. Thank you for the cake you made for me.. Its so Delicious!!

After i'm done with the cake, me and mom went to Backyard  listened to live band.. and the crowd is so DAMN pack!! well thats because of the band is really Awesome!! They've played lots of great song from oldies to new song.. Me and mom really enjoy it!! Hydra band they Amazing in the way they play and also in their singing..=)

I really enjoy my birthday this year.. Thank you so much for a lovely birthday wish, cake and songs..=))
next is to plan to celebrate my birthday with my friends.. they keep asking me when will i free to celebrate it with them.. hehe.. well my friends since we are near to Ramadhan, I think we'll celebrate it after Raya lah.. Ok..XDD!!


  1. Waa.. Envy you.. The cake looks delicious. ;) Happy BDay once again.

  2. hahaha.. not only looks but the taste is so Delicious.. hahaa.. thanx again mate for the wish..=)